Quarantine Poutine

Three days before my flight to Hamilton, Ontario, I accepted the fact that I wouldn’t be going. My sister and I had Pearl Jam tickets, I had dinner plans with my nephew, Dairee Delite was opened for the season and waiting for our multiple visits. But, then the pandemic hit. Pearl Jam postponed their tour.Continue reading “Quarantine Poutine”

The Mooch

We were invited to the Landis home for dinner last week, because of my ‘mooch off of other people for a year thing’, as Dalen so eloquently put it. Luckily, we squeezed the mooch in just before the apocalypse hit Alberta. Dalen and Lisa live in the County, where dogs apparently live outside. Imagine howContinue reading “The Mooch”

Old Faithful

When I moved to Grande Prairie, roughly seventeen years ago, Jeff had a friend who he’d often go fishing with. These days, Tim is basically my second husband. He’s at our house regularly for dinner and board games. We spend time at his family cabin. Occasionally, I chase after him on cross-country skis (he’s aboutContinue reading “Old Faithful”

It Was The Best of Times…

…it was the worst of times. After all, the food was good but there was no Mariachi band. Note: We had every intention of beginning this resolution in January but, I stated my intentions towards the end of the month, and then the Duperron’s weren’t feeling great late January, so we delayed until February 1.Continue reading “It Was The Best of Times…”