Quarantine Poutine

Three days before my flight to Hamilton, Ontario, I accepted the fact that I wouldn’t be going. My sister and I had Pearl Jam tickets, I had dinner plans with my nephew, Dairee Delite was opened for the season and waiting for our multiple visits. But, then the pandemic hit. Pearl Jam postponed their tour. I was living with the false hope that I’d still visit the Cooper’s but eventually that all fell apart and I had finally accepted it as best I could, and cancelled the flight.

Like so many other aspects of life, Covid-19 has forced me to alter my New Year’s Resolution – but, a little pandemic isn’t going to keep me down! So, a plan was hatched. It’s become more about seeing people’s faces rather than making them cook for me. The Plan: At some point in April, my nephew, Ethan, would send me a menu, we’d cook the same meal and eat together, over Facetime.

Fewer trips to the grocery store meant better planning and coordination on the part of my sister, Karyn, and I but we managed to pull it all together last Sunday. Ethan’s choice of meals was hot dogs and poutine – two of my favourite things. I managed to get my hands on some frozen crinkle fries, powdered gravy mix and wieners. I figured Ethan’s meal would be similar. Little did I know the little Chef was going to knock it out of the park with hand cut fries!

I was happy that Ethan’s choice of gravy was very similar to mine – Karyn can make a mean pot of gravy but this is definitely an area in which I am lacking so an even playing field was welcomed. As for hot dogs, we went with Cobs buns, which are massive, so I had to buy big wieners to fill those suckers. I didn’t ask but I’m sure Ethan had Red Hots, which aren’t available in Alberta, and are definitely a nostalgic thing for me. I can’t even explain why.

All in all, this was a strange but enjoyable dinner party. We ate, we chatted, we laughed, some of us even practiced our turkey calls.

The best part about this meal is we made plans for a second one! The date is to be determined but we already have the official menu and I, for one, am totally looking forward to the sprakling water.

Thanks to Karyn, James and Ethan for helping me keep this resolution rolling! We’ll see what happens in May…

In other news, as a way to battle boredom while we’re housebound, I accidentally started a thing on my Facebook page where we post our dinners each day. Our little crew of fifty people, give or take, from across the country take part nightly and it’s now evolved into weekly competitions, where we all cook the same item and vote for our favourite. In a million years, I never would have expected this to happen (the quarantine or the dinner crew!) but it’s pretty awesome. Friends are sending me recipes so I’ve been cooking new things, I think we’re all getting tips and tricks from one another. And I’ve scouted out more than a few people who I’d like to cook for me when this is all over.

Thanks to everyone who takes part in our little adventure – whether you’re busting out restaurant-quality showstoppers or eating a Whopper, it’s a highlight of my day to hear from all of you!

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Grande Prairie, Alberta.

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