Old Faithful

When I moved to Grande Prairie, roughly seventeen years ago, Jeff had a friend who he’d often go fishing with. These days, Tim is basically my second husband. He’s at our house regularly for dinner and board games. We spend time at his family cabin. Occasionally, I chase after him on cross-country skis (he’s about 1.5 feet taller than me). He’s a constant fixture in our lives. Therefore, when most of my friends said they wanted to host us for a patio dinner when the weather warmed up, Tim stepped up to host us in the depths of winter.

Tim is the master of simple but delicious food. Point proven by his celery and hummus appetizer.

We’ve only been to his place for dinner a handful of times but it’s always fantastic. A number of years ago, he cooked whitefish for us – I think about it fondly (and often). A while ago, he introduced me to tater tots. If it wasn’t for Tim and that tot dinner, totchos (nachos, but using tots instead of tortilla chips) wouldn’t be a part of our lives.

But, his roast chicken takes the cake. Whatever Tim does to chicken, it’s unlike any roast chicken I’ve had. And, knowing Tim, he probably doesn’t do anything really special to it, it just turns out amazing thanks to witchcraft.

The best roast chicken ever.
The chef at work.

Tim taught me that it’s perfectly okay to enjoy a good potato. Or three. He once showed up to our place for dinner and announced that he had already eaten a bit. When I asked what he had, ‘three baked potatoes’ was the answer. I now always ask Tim what he’s eaten prior to our meals together.

There were four potatoes left when we finished dinner. I know what Tim’s having for breakfast.

After our relatively healthy and 100% tasty dinner – we moved on to dessert and board games. I usually excel at dessert and fail miserably at board games but, I’m thrilled to announce that we played a new-to-us version of Ticket to Ride AND I WON! All those college geography courses are finally paying off…

I believe mini Drumsticks are meant to be eaten two at a time but I only had one on this occasion.
Picking up two wild cards in one turn is practically unheard of.
Disappointed, yet amazed, that I won.

All in all, we had a fabulous February dinner. On the way home, Jeff and I were talking about how great that freakin’ chicken was and how I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to accurately describe how delicious it was. If you’re still unsure, try and get an invitation over some day.

Big thanks to Tim for dinner, his never wavering friendship and his patience with me, my questions and my teasing.

My favourite pic of the three of us. Definitely not taken at Tim’s dinner party.

Side Note: February is Black History Month and, for the second year in a row, I was lucky enough to spend a few weeks watching movies, having conversations and getting to know more about Black culture and history.

A very important part of the learning included going out for lunch each Thursday with my friend and co-worker, Mariah. We decided to celebrate a shared love of fried chicken by visiting Mary Brown’s and KFC, while complaining that Popeye’s hasn’t opened yet in GP. We filled our extra week with Divine Nigerian & Ethiopian Cuisine.

Each week, we had a random cast of characters join us and, each week, laughter and full bellies were guaranteed. KFC won for laughs, Divine won for the best food. Mary Brown’s gets a shout out for best cashier.

March is Women’s History Month and I’m convinced this is a good enough reason to continue our lunch dates. If anyone is free on Thursdays at noon, I’m looking for companions.

Mary Brown’s with the crew.
The best vegetarian food I’ve ever eaten (Divine).
KFC shenanigans.

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