It Was The Best of Times…

…it was the worst of times. After all, the food was good but there was no Mariachi band.

Note: We had every intention of beginning this resolution in January but, I stated my intentions towards the end of the month, and then the Duperron’s weren’t feeling great late January, so we delayed until February 1. When you’re expecting TRIPLETS, you can get away with whatever you want. Technically, we ate in February but I can assure you, we all pretended it was January.

Just a few toppings to choose from…

I was selfish in choosing to accept Clint and Melissa’s invitation first, out of the entire group of friends I had messaged about my resolution. But, I didn’t realize this until we entered their house.

Someone is happy I was sober driver.

I knew Mexican food was on the menu but didn’t realize we’d be greeted with tequila shots and the entire house would smell like a taqueria. I quickly realized that, once this post was published, others may feel the need to impress. Lucky for them, I’m impressed with hot dogs. It doesn’t take much, really.

The group consisted of Jeff, myself, our pal Scott and our hosts, Melissa and Clint. As I mentioned earlier, Melissa is expecting triplets so hearing that she began cooking at noon and was finishing up when we arrived at 6 pm was more effort than I expected (or would have given myself!). But man, her efforts didn’t go unnoticed.

The food was insane.

Clint began dinner by giving us a tostada tutorial, in case any of us didn’t know how to top a crispy tortilla with randomly chosen stuff. We learned that refried beans make excellent food glue and, with his guidance, we all passed the tostada test with flying colours.

I took one bite of my flauta and announced that I’d be eating six. Sadly, I only managed to put down three. There was also rice and beans, tortilla chips, avocado crema, two types of tomatillo salsa, a spicy feta dip, millions of toppings and, as if that weren’t enough, a Mexican hot chocolate pie.

The first of two plates I somehow ate.

I was warned to come hungry as Clint and Melissa felt they had cooked for eight people. We all had two plates of food and there were still loads of leftovers! I’m pretty sure I managed three virgin margaritas and one glass of horchata, which also may have impacted my ability to eat six flautas.

I didn’t partake in the Cabo Wabo.

Lesson learned.

After we were completely stuffed, we moved from the kitchen to the living room for, what we’d soon learn to be, a never ending game of Ultimate Yahtzee. Scott shared his gospel and I rolled six Yahtzees. Clearly someone was looking down on me.

He looks like a holy man.
One of my six Yahtzees.
Turns out I needed at least seven Yahtzees to win the game.

Eventually, we all felt we had made enough room in our bellies to eat the pie. Don’t get me wrong, all of the food was fantastic, but upon my first bite of Mexican hot chocolate pie, I thought we probably should have begun dinner with dessert.

This picture doesn’t do it justice. 100% decadent deliciousness.

The evening ended, when Scott FINALLY won Yahtzee (his prayers were answered), and Jeff announced he needed to get home to change his pants. That’s what sort of evening it was – it required a wardrobe change (I assure you because of tightness in the waist, not an accident).

Thanks for having us, Clint and Melissa! The food was amazing and, somehow, the companionship was even better. I can’t wait to see what February’s dinner invitation brings.

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Grande Prairie, Alberta.

2 thoughts on “It Was The Best of Times…

  1. Thanks again for coming and for postponing for a January +1 date. I’m hoping it was worth the wait. Really excited to read about your adventures in food in 2020 and we were more than honoured to cook for such an amazing cook, host and friend as yourself!


    1. Thanks to you guys for hosting – what a way to kick off the year! It was definitely worth the wait. If anything, we’re disappointed we’re not invited for monthly Mexican meals! You’re not a bad cook, host and friend yourself (Melissa, too).


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